50 Ton Loading Mining Truck

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- Strong performance: Adhering to the design advantages of the 70 mine overlord, the synchronization technology is improved
– Excellent price: Large-scale production, the price is better than similar products of other manufacturers.
– Strong competition: It forms a complete mining truck platform 
– Wide application: it is more suitable for narrow and harsh working conditions than 70 ton Mining truck
– High efficiency: The AC16 bridge (speed ratio reaches to 6.5) with a speed of up to 75KM/h, and the transportation efficiency is greatly improved.
– Make money quickly: The carrying capacity of 50 mine warriors is 1.5 times that of ordinary dump trucks, making money quickly and with a high rate of return.

  • Origin: China
  • Chassis Brand: SINOTRUK
  • Dumping body system: Oriental Vehicles International Co.,Limited
  • Payload: 50 Ton
  • Application: Mining Area
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    Our factory manufactures the dumping system for this mining truck , strong and endurable . 

    We keep long term cooperative relationship with SINOTRUK chassis production line to complete such trucks .  

    After the chassis arrived in our yard ,  we will produce the relative body for the truck and make the body fit the chassis perfectly , even with customized request from the clients . 

    With years' experience on supplying such trucks , we can guarantee our clients product working in tough area but keeping good condition . 

    50 ton mining truck sinotruk (2)
    coal mining truck (1)
    mining truck (12)
    50 ton mining truck sinotruk (1)
    coal mining truck (1)
    mining truck (1)

    1. Equipped with HW19710 gearbox, with HW50 power take-off, and optional HW70 power take-off.
    2. The 500-liter D-type fuel tank is used to meet the requirements of the large workload of the vehicle.
    3. The new front axle adopts a reinforced wide-body welded box-shaped steel front axle, which is more suitable for the harsh working conditions in the mining area.
    4. The rear axle adopts AC16 reinforced wide-body cast steel two-stage reduction drive axle with a speed ratio of 6.5.
    5. Wheels and tires: 10.0/2-20 wheel assembly, standard 14.00-20-28PR tires, optional 14.00R20-28PR tires, more suitable for harsh industrial and mining.
    6. Mine Warrior reinforced wide body frame.
    7. German ZF9098 steering machine
    8. Air conditioner
    9.HF10 front axle.

     Vehicle type    Mine Tipper
       Drive type    6x4
       Cab    HW7D
       Engine    Emission standerd    Euro II-Euro III
       Power    371-480Hp
       Transmission    12F
       Front axle    18T
       Rear axle    36T+36T
       Wheel base (MM)    3600-4800
       Width of truck (MM)    3300
       Tyre    14.00-25, 14.00R25 etc.
       GVW    90T
       Up-body configuration     30-40CBM

    We have professional team to supply professional equipment and vehicles to particular industry , before we make contracts with our clients , we will need to get acknowlegde well with the actual working condition for the trucks , or the specific requirement from our clients . So that we can give the correct model . 

    The mining truck is crucial tools for the mining logistics , it has to be non-stop for the mining when it comes to urgent demand on market . 

    So , strong hydraulic system plus stable working condition is the guarantee for the clients . 

    Please contact us for more details . 

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