80 Ton Concrete Bridge Beam Carrier

Short Description:

- Long distance wheel base 

- Front steer system with middle driving system  

- Good vision for driver and operator 

- Easy to be transported and operated 

- With Engine for steering 

- With Brake system and anti-bumping design 

  • Origin: China
  • Payload: 80 Ton
  • Axle: 3
  • Tyres: 12 pcs
  • Customize Service : Available
  • Product Detail

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    3 Axles Girder Carrier Semitrailer with Steering Front axle


    Parameters Over size (mm) 7029(Length)×2400(Width)×1540 ( Height )
    Fifth wheel height(mm) 1540mm;
    Towing Bar 1529 mm  ( Detachable )
    Ground clearance 1290 mm
    Tare weight(kg) 10,000 ; 
    Payload (kg) 100,000



    Beam (mm) Height 1290 mm
    Cabin With Hydraulic steering wheel for the Front Axle , without door , without the windshield
    Steering Engine 12 HP , power for steering only .
    Brake Chamber 30/30 *4
    Design Optimized Heavy Duty Design
    Painting Whole frame impellor blasting ,Sandblasting to eliminate welding stress ,double painting for surface.
    Suspension Rigid



    For 2 inches   

    4 pcs totally

    Tyres No Tyres
    Emergency valve Handle
    Springs With factory standards  
    Axles 16 Tons , 3 pcs
    Rims 9.0*14 
    Tools box Beside the cabin ;
    color white;
    Electronic, pneumatic  Safe standards ;
    Others Color white , standard lights , electronic-circuit with water-proof .We give special design to this trailer to meet the loading 100,000 kg
      Marks Waxed painting for export
    Production 45 Days after receiving deposit ( The 2 trailers will be packed together in one 45” container ) 
    girder dolly trailer (4)
    girder dolly trailer (1)
    girder dolly trailer (5)
    girder dolly trailer (6)




    Oriental Vehicles International Co.,Limited specializes in the production of tire-type girder dolly trailer , transport vehicles with loads of 80 T, 100T ,120T, 160T, 180T, 220T, and 300T. 

    dolly trailer working site
    girder dolly trailer (9)




    The dolly can be self-propelled, or with towing bar and the transport of concrete beams or the girder as so called is not limited by distance. It is safe and complete, and it is easy to operate and maintain.  

    The transition cost is low, and the stability is good. It can directly support beams to the bridge erection machine and cooperate with the bridge erection machine to span holes. It is more suitable for prefabricated beams and bridging sites that are far away from the girder factory . Besides it saves the cost for the sites difficult to pave with rails . The scientific design and profound testing system has won great comments from users for many times.

    girder carrier
    self propelled trailer for girder



    Oriental Vehicles International Co.,Limited takes the advanced management mechanism and perfect inspection system as the guide for the company's development strategy, and focuses on the core business of road and railway bridge transportation, continues to improve the competitive advantage of the girder transportation product industry chain, and vigorously develops the bridge transportation machinery business, focusing on cultivating diversified businesses and manufacturing services related to heavy construction machinery and equipment.

    For such customized trailers , we manufacture according to the clients tractor heads , by knowing the kingpin and ground clearance height ,we will issue the design so as to make the trailer match with the clients tractor head .  

    Our engineers will help you select the correct model since we are the manufacturer producing the semitrailers for 12 years  . We have professional team to understand fully about the specs of the trucks and the vehicles .

    • Production Time : 35 ~65 Days
    • Custom clearance : 2 Days
    • Others:
    • - 3 Pairs of brake shoes will be given free
    • - 1 spare-tire
    • - Operation Tool Kit
    • - Fire extinguisher
    • Above parts are given freely to clients when order is placed to us .
    • Others: The new vehicles will be waxed twice before shipment , to protect them from outside corrosion .

    For more information details , please contact us via email or whatsapp .

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