75 Ton Volvo Excavator on our trailer

Our bulldozer helps the dump truck out of the trap

90 meters wind turbine blade transportation

Excavator that are ready to export ( SHANTUI Brand )

All kinds of construction site machinery ,one stop service for your project

Our wind turbine blade trailer , transport the blade onto the mountain

dumping trailer full trailer

Wind Turbine Blade Trailer from us , Transportation in the city

Transformer Transportation by Modular Trailers from Oriental Vehicles International Co ,Ltd.


Self driven dolly trailer for 180 Ton Bridge


Double dolly trailer loading with 200 Ton girder


100 Ton girder bridge loading with our dolly trailer


80 Ton Girder Trailer


Customized Trailer loading with the girder


Dump truck with the paver Paving the road

How to pave a road with our equipment and machinery

Rear Dump Trailer from our factory

Ocean delivery --Our One-stop service

12 wheels dump truck working at construction site

Our cooperation enterprise -SINOTRUK


Concrete Bridge Transportation with our dolly trailer


Double Goose-neck vessel for transportation of CAT Excavator


Our customized trailer for large cargo over 550 Tons


Hydraulic Multi Axle Modular Trailer

4 alxes low-bed semitrailer

Coal Mining Semitrailer Set

Steerable Hydraulic Multi Axis Vessel

Double gooseneck steerable vessel trailer

Our Projects in Australia , 5 months to rebuild the road and tunnel

Our Water Truck Performance

The tractor head and container semitrailer we offer to the port in our land

Various Trucks on Board to Overseas

Customized Transportation Semitrailer for CAT Excavator

Wind Generator Blade Transportation Vehicles supplied by us

Our cooperation equipment factory -Shantui

Cooperative Enterprise Shacman

Customized Dump Truck with Light truck chassis

Cooperative Enterprise SINOTRUK with our function body and trailers

Our Bulldozer moving earth in construction site

Dumping & Lifting Show

40 Tons Loading Dump Truck (12 wheels ) working in construction area

Bull Dozer working in tough Swampland

120 Ton Girder Transportation , passing through bumpy road

Detachable low bed trailer

Tough road transportation for 130 Ton girder

Our fuel tanker for diesel , gasoline , oil .

40 foot container side lifter operation

20 foot container side lifter operation

Our fuel tanker trucks and trailers production base

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