Central Axis Detachable Car Hauler

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We can customize the car-carrier in such way to meet the law and regulation for different countries . 

The central axis detachable trailer can load with 10 units Max. for common cars , which increase the benefit for the logistics companies , and at the same time it is more flexible on loading and unloading of the cars . 

  • Origin: China
  • Trade mark: ORVC / Oriental Vehicles
  • Payload: 22 Ton Max.
  • Loading seats : 8-10 seats
  • Chassis Option: SINOTRUK , FOTON , SHACMAN , HY ,JAC,
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    We can customize different brands of China chassis factory trucks into the car hauler and car carrier . Such as SINOTRUK , SHACMAN , FOTON , FAW , HY , JAC , etc .

    We have been cooperating with these famous brands chassis factory for many years , and we are well acknowledged with the chassis . We are professional with the customizing and facilitating the function and the performance for the whole truck . 

    Foton truck chassis car carrier
    Faw truck car hauler
    HONGYAN truck Chassis car hauler
    detachable carraige car hauler (72)

    The central axle train has been fully demonstrated and its advantages are very obvious.

    1, the length limit advantage. The length limit for central axle trains is 22 meters, which is 4.9 meters more than the 17.1 meters for semi-trailer trains.

    2, the economic advantage. The central axle train can carry 9 cars, 3 more than the semi-trailer train, so the economic benefit is very obvious, which is also the most important advantage.

    3,Functional advantages. The central axle train can be used as a train, or the trailer can be removed and used alone as a bicycle, which is more convenient when transporting fewer vehicles in urban areas or short distances.

    4, security advantages. The center of gravity of the central axle trailer is lower and the stability is better.

    Rear Detachable  Double Deck Hauler Main Specs


    Kerb Weight

    7,200 Kg ( Around )



    9,500 Kg


    Gross Weight

    16,700 Kg



    12000 mm x 2550 mm x 3720 mm



    6590+1310 mm


    Rear Suspension

    3930 / 3905


    Loading axle




    Spring / Air bag ( Optional )


    Brake system




    245/70R17.5  18PR  ( Optional )


    Chassis Option

    Up to clients


    Driving Type

    4x2 / 6x2 / 6x4

    6 wheels / 8 wheels / 10 wheels


    Upper deck

    Hydraulic system + Motor + Handler + Safety Insurance device


    Loading seats

    4~5 seats ( Depends on the car size )


    Hydraulic cylinders

    15 pcs

    detachable carraige car hauler (94)
    detachable carraige car hauler (89)
    detachable carraige car hauler (49)
    detachable carraige car hauler (90)
    detachable carraige car hauler (75)
    detachable carraige car hauler (30)
    detachable carraige car hauler (22)
    detachable carraige car hauler (11)
    detachable carraige car hauler (15)
    detachable carraige car hauler (97)
    detachable carraige car hauler (63)
    detachable carraige car hauler (47)
    detachable carraige car hauler (18)
    detachable carraige car hauler (7)

    Innovative design:

    Modular design, through CAE strength analysis of the whole vehicle, the main key components are made of high-strength steel to improve strength and reduce self-weight. The overall truss structure is stable, reliable and high in strength.

    Premium craftsmanship:

    The laser cutting precision is high; the mirror surface has no burrs, no grinding, no defects in the gap, and no stress concentration points; the laser cutting hot-melt area is small, the material does not change, and the rigidity is not lost.

    Automated Robotic Welding:

    High continuity, high quality and beautiful appearance; can work endlessly, not limited by "sleep" time; high efficiency, low labor intensity; less pollution, reduce intermediate turnover deformation.

    Electrophoresis KTL:

    Car electrophoresis process, paint life of 8-10 years, no paint peeling; no dead ends in electrophoresis; environmental protection and no pollution.

    Assembly accessories:

    Easy to disassemble, save time, high attendance rate; strong interchangeability, high disassembly and assembly efficiency; easy to damage and repair, direct replacement without fire; beautiful appearance and long-lasting.

    Short delivery time:

    Modular design, prefabricated in advance for module production; fully automated production line to shorten production tact; short delivery cycle and high efficiency.


    The performance of the whole vehicle is enhanced, the service life of the whole vehicle is prolonged; the maintenance is less, and the vehicle attendance rate is high; the secondary sales cost is saved, and the secondary efficiency success rate is improved;

    Clients may get confused when they choose the trucks from China , especially when all the trucks look all the same to them , or when it is their first time to purchase the truck from internet . 

    Our factory can help you select the correct model since we are the manufacturer producing the upper body or the semitrailers for the complete set of the truck . We have better knowledge to understand fully about the specs of the trucks and the vehicles . For more information details , please contact us via email or whatsapp .

    Production Time : 35 Days

    Custom clearance : 2 Days


    - 3 Pairs of brake shoes will be given free

    - 1 spare-tire

    - Operation Tool Kit

    - Fire extinguisher

    Above parts are given freely to clients when order is placed to us .


    The new vehicles will be waxed twice before shipment , to protect them from outside corrosion .

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