Excavating Machinery-XE370D

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Item   Unit Parameters
Model Operating weight Kg 36800
  Bucket capacity 1.41.8
Engine Model   ISUZU GH-6HK1XKSC-03
  No. of cylinders   6
  Output power kW/ r/min 212/2000
  Maximum torque/speed N.m 1080/1500
  Displacement L 7.79
Main performance Travel speed (H/L) km/h 5.4/3.2
  Gradeability ° 70
  Ground pressure kPa 66.7
  Bucket digging force kN 263
  Arm digging force kN 188
Hydraulic system Main pump / K5V160DTH
  Rated flow of main pump L/min 2×304
  Main safety valve pressure Mpa 34.3/37
  Pilot system pressure Mpa 3.9
Oil capacity Fuel tank capacity L 660
  Hydraulic tank capacity L 350
  Engine oil capacity L 30
Appearance size A Overall length mm 11388
  B Overall width mm 3190
  C Overall height mm 3530
  D Width of platform mm 3050
  E Length of crawler mm 5035
  F Overall width of chassis mm 3190/600 Crawer3290/700 Crawer3390/800 Crawer
  G Width of crawler mm 600
  H Wheel base of crawler mm 4040
  I Crawler gauge mm 2590
  J Clearance under counterweight mm 1197
  K Min. ground clearance mm 500
  J Min. rear-end swing radius mm 3700
Working range A Maximum digging height mm 10445
  B Maximum dumping height mm 7287
  C Maximum digging depth mm 7423
  D Max. digging depth at the range of level 8 feet mm 7266
  E Max. vertical wall digging depth mm 6776
  F Max. digging reach mm 11114
  G Min. swing radius mm 4369

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