Excavator with 0.55 m³ Bucket

Short Description:

This type of excavator is very efficient, energy-saving, endurable in construction area operation .

The world-class hydraulic system is selected and equipped with a self-developed electronic control system, which has faster speed, lower fuel consumption and more sensitive movements.

The newly-designed large-scale cab provides more spacious front and rear space for the driver. With the large-curvature rearview mirror on the outside, the working field of vision is wide, and the operation is safe and reliable.

  • Origin: China
  • Engine model:: Cummins Q.SF3.8T
  • Rated power: : 86 kW/2200 rpm
  • Operating weight: : 13.5 t
  • Bucket capacity: 0.55 m3 ~1 m3 ( customized )
  • Quartering hammer : Optional
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    ENGINE Model Cummins QSF3.8T
    Type 4-cylinder in line, water cooling.turbo charging
    Quantity of cylinders 4
    Bore x stroke 102 x 115 mm
    Displacement 3.76 L
    Power output 86 kW/2200 rpm


    Pump Imported
    Type Variable double-piston pump
    Maximum discharge flow 2 x 130 L/min
    Control circuit 3.9 MPa
    Travel circuit 35 MPa
    Swing circuit 27 MPa


    Travel motor Variable axial piston motor
    Travel brakes Lubricated double-disc
    Parking brake Pressure release
    Travel shoes 2x44
    Travel speed 3.25/5.2 km/h
    Drawbar pulling force 118 kN
    Gradeability 70% (35°)
    Minimum Ground clearance 425 mm


    Fuel tank 220 L
    Cooling system 20 L
    Engine oil 12L
    Hydraulic oil tank 177 L
    System capacity 205 L


    Brake Pressure Release Mechanical Braking
    Swing speed 11.3 rpm
    Tail swing radius 2380 mm
    Arm digging force 70 KN
    Bucket digging force 97 KN


    Bucket capacity Backhoe bucket 0.55 m3 (SAE)
    Number of bucket teeth 5
    Bucket width 990 mm
    Arm length 2.5 m
    Maximum digging reach/Maximum digging reach at ground level 8.3 m/8.175 m
    Maximum digging depth/height 5.49 m/8.495 m
    Maximum dumping height 6.06 m
    Minimum swing radius 2.445 m
    Excavator working in quartering mining area

    Production Time : 35 Days

    Custom clearance : 2 Days


    - 3 Pairs of brake shoes will be given free

    - 1 spare-tire

    - Operation Tool Kit

    - Fire extinguisher

    Above parts are given freely to clients when order is placed to us .


    The new equipment will be waxed twice before shipment , to protect them from outside corrosion .

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