Middle Size Wheel loader

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Application field : Mining area ,City roads, garbage dumping & collection , City Construction , Water conservancy project , Agriculture and Forestry ,Port and Wharf , Airport Construction .

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Power System

● Weichai new generation Blue Engine II energy-saving engine WD10G220E23 conforms to China-II emission regulation and reduces the failure rate by 30% and saves the fuel by >10%.


Transmission system

● China brand twin-turbine torque converter, planetary transmission, and drive axle feature good power match, high drive efficiency, strong overload capacity, high quality, and long life. The new high-capacity blade-grid twin-turbine torque converter YJSW315-8A and the planetary transmission ZL50D-2 guarantee high drive efficiency. The all-new working device design improves the boom hinge points and the working device mechanism and increase the boom lifting force by 7%, featuring excellent horizontal movement performance and automatic leveling performance and more reasonable dumping height and reach.


Moderate Wheelbase

● It guarantees outstanding site adaptability and flexibility and strong operating stability and can handle common heavy-load operations with ease.



● The low-speed engine and new cab are applied and the engine hood is installed with additional sound-insulating material to further reduce the engine noise to 85dB, which is far lower than the current noise standard (89dB) and is superior to the 86dB requirement of the national mandatory standard implemented in 2015.


Convenient maintenance

● The upturning engine hood side door features large opening and convenient services and maintenance.


Parameter name


Performance parameters

Operating weight (Kg)


Maximum dumping height (mm)

3330 (Extended boom)3700 (Long Boom)

Dumping reach (mm)

1230 (Extended boom)1270 (Long Boom)

Maximum breakout force (kN)


Total cycle time (s)



Engine model


Rated power/rated speed (kW/rpm)


Overall dimensions

Overall dimensions of machine (mm)


Driving performance

Forward speed (km/h)


Reversing speed (km/h)


Chassis System

Wheelbase (mm)


Tank capacity

Fuel tank (L)


Working device

Rated bucket capacity (m³)


Rated loading capacity (t)




The shoveling and loading and unloading of the loader is realized by the movement of its working device. The working device of the loader is composed of bucket 1, boom 2, connecting rod 3, rocker arm 4, bucket cylinder 5, boom cylinder 6 and so on. The entire working device is hinged on the frame 7. The bucket is hinged with the bucket cylinder through a connecting rod and a rocker arm for loading and unloading materials. The boom is hinged with the frame and the boom cylinder for lifting and lowering the bucket. The turning of the bucket and the lifting of the boom are operated hydraulically.

The working device of the loader should be able to ensure that when the bucket cylinder is locked and the boom cylinder is lifted or lowered, the linkage mechanism makes the bucket move up and down or close to it, so as to prevent the bucket from tilting and spilling materials; When the arm is in any position and the bucket rotates around the hinge point of the boom for unloading, the inclination angle of the bucket is not less than 45°. After unloading, the bucket can be automatically leveled when the boom is lowered. Synthesizing the structural types of loader working devices at home and abroad, there are mainly seven types, namely three-bar, four-bar, five-bar, six-bar, and eight-bar according to the number of components of the linkage mechanism; According to whether the steering of the input and output rods are the same, it is divided into forward and reverse link mechanisms. The bucket structure of the loader used in earthmoving. The bucket body is usually made of low-carbon, wear-resistant and high-strength steel plates. The cutting edge is made of wear-resistant medium manganese alloy steel. The side cutting edge and the reinforced angle plate are all made of high-strength Made of ground steel material. There are four shapes of bucket cutters. The choice of tooth profile should consider factors such as insertion resistance, wear resistance and easy replacement. The tooth shape is divided into pointed teeth and blunt teeth. Tire loaders mostly use pointed teeth, while crawler-type loaders mostly use blunt teeth. The number of bucket teeth depends on the bucket width, and the bucket tooth pitch is generally 150-300mm. The bucket tooth structure is divided into two types: integral type and split type. Small and medium loaders mostly use the integral type, while large loaders often use the split type due to poor operating conditions and serious tooth wear. Split bucket teeth are divided into two parts: basic tooth 2 and tooth tip 1. Only the tip of the tooth needs to be replaced after worn-out .


Production Time  : 45 Days

Custom Clearance : 5 Days

Payment Terms : 

T/T 50% deposit should be paid by the buyer when signing the contract, the balance should be paid when goods are complete finished before shipment .

Notice : 

  • 3 Air-filters
  • 3 Fuel-filters
  • 3 Oil-filters
  • 3 pairs of brake shoes

Above parts are given freely for the trucks exported to overseas , to guarantee the customers trucks in good condition .

Others : 

  • The new machine will be waxed twice before shipment , to protect its painting from water or wind from the ocean .

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