Our Car-Carrier Advantage

Innovative design:

Modular design, through CAE strength analysis of the whole vehicle, the main key components are made of high-strength steel to improve strength and reduce self-weight. The overall truss structure is stable, reliable and high in strength.

Premium craftsmanship:

The laser cutting precision is high; the mirror surface has no burrs, no grinding, no defects in the gap, and no stress concentration points; the laser cutting hot-melt area is small, the material does not change, and the rigidity is not lost.

Automated Robotic Welding:

High continuity, high quality and beautiful appearance; can work endlessly, not limited by "sleep" time; high efficiency, low labor intensity; less pollution, reduce intermediate turnover deformation.

double deck car carrier

Electrophoresis KTL:

Car electrophoresis process, paint life of 8-10 years, no paint peeling; no dead ends in electrophoresis; environmental protection and no pollution.

Assembly accessories:

Easy to disassemble, save time, high attendance rate; strong interchangeability, high disassembly and assembly efficiency; easy to damage and repair, direct replacement without fire; beautiful appearance and long-lasting.

Short delivery time:

Modular design, prefabricated in advance for module production; fully automated production line to shorten production tact; short delivery cycle and high efficiency.

car carrier (2)
car carrier (17)
3 units pick up loading


The performance of the whole vehicle is enhanced, the service life of the whole vehicle is prolonged; the maintenance is less, and the vehicle attendance rate is high; the secondary sales cost is saved, and the secondary efficiency success rate is improved;

car carrier (10)

Post time: Apr-12-2022

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