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Cab: The unilateral cab adopts mature components such as the HOWO instrument panel, which is beautiful, durable and has a good vision.

Engine Type: WD615.47T2 and D12.42T2

Horsepower: 371, 420

Clutch: Sinotruk 430A (1900N.m) pull-type diaphragm clutch; standard WABCO clutch master cylinder and wheel cylinder.

Gearbox: HW21712—Sinotruk 12-speed gearbox, double oil pump, with HW70 flanged power take-off.

Drive axle: AC26—the whole cast steel two-stage deceleration double drive axle for Sinotruk 70 mine car, the rated load of the single axle is 26 tons, the speed ratio is 10.47, and the speed ratio is 8.51.

Front axle and steering: HF12 cast steel I-beam box-type front axle for Sinotruk 70 mining truck; ZF8118 German power steering gear with hydraulic external power steering cylinder.

Frame: Special reinforced wide-body equal-width frame for 70 minecart, 10+10/380.

Suspension: Reinforced multi-piece steel plate, reinforced integral balance shaft, vertical semi-elliptical leaf spring rear suspension, single-sided inclined reinforced 4 horse-riding bolts, rear axle stabilizer bar, new structure thrust rod, wear-resistant skateboard seat, Guide plate; Reinforced longitudinal semi-elliptical leaf spring front suspension, barrel shock absorber, front stabilizer bar.

Tire specifications: 14.00-25 mining super load-bearing tires jointly developed by the group (36 layers, engineering pattern, rear double wheels), equipped with 10.0-25 mining-specific reinforced steel rims. Optional: 14.00R25 mining super load-bearing radial tire (36 layers, engineering pattern).

Braking and electrical system: WABCO braking system, dual-chamber brake chambers for front axle and rear axle, German VOSS quick-plug connector, brake spray cooling device; single-wire system, 24V, negative ground; 2×12V/180Ah batteries , 4-lamp headlamps.

Body configuration: (length, width, height 5800 mm × 3100 mm × 1800 mm

The standard configuration is mining structure, bottom 16mm and circumference 12mm, rectangular box, well-shaped lattice structure, five longitudinal beams, full welding, bottom plate and side plate are high-strength wear-resistant steel.

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HOWO Mine Overloading-Lord ( Mining King ) is developed by Sinotruk's centralized professional engineering design staff. It is mainly used in various open-pit mines, steel mills, hydropower construction sites, docks and other occasions with poor road conditions and poor homework conditions, and is engaged in short-distance transshipment operations within the region. The development of this car has extremely high economic and social benefits for specially designated user groups


1. Cab


HW7D--HOWO dedicated cab for mine overlord, adopts unilateral high-strength fan-boned skin cab, simple and tough in shape, wide field of view, hydraulic front roll and rotate 50 degrees, two lighting work lights in succession, easy to work at night; interior Luxurious and quiet, the excellent seam function ensures that the vehicle has a quiet driving situation in very bad conditions


2. Gearbox


HW19710 gearbox, first gear ratio 14.28, torque 1900Nm.


4. AC26 Mine Drive Axle


The AC26 mine drive axle is a dual-stage reduced speed mine drive axle with a wheel side speed reducer independently developed by our company. The axle has a reasonable design, advanced technology, high safety, strong bearing capacity, and is very adaptable to mining areas. Bad working condition, high stiffness and strength, good economic efficiency


The main reduction layout is reasonably preset, the support rigidity is good, and the combination of strong suppressing lubricating oil and splashing lubricating oil greatly improves the application life.


Reinforced forged axle housing, reasonable layout, well-proportioned wall thickness transition, 100% higher bearing capacity than the expedient STEYR double bridge, and greatly improved stiffness and strength


Enhanced drum brakes, 500x235 extra-wide forged hooves, can rely on the machine to survive, and use it for a long time

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