What is Central Axis Car Carrier ?

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The central axle car carrier is a kind of car transport train between full trailers and semi-trailers, which can drive at high speed.

The center-axle car carrier chooses the extended flat-top version of the cab .

The characteristics of the central axle car carrier: the chassis is low, and the bumper ground clearance is very low, which is lower than the general road car. Will it affect the passability of the vehicle? It will affect, but it is not the bumper that affects the passability, but the chassis. No matter how high the bumper is, it can't change the fact that the chassis of the vehicle itself is low.

Features of the central axle car carrier: The horsepower is moderate. The loading capacity of the center-axle car carrier is about 8-10 cars, and the transport weight does not exceed 20 tons. Including the self-weight of the vehicle, the total mass of the whole vehicle is about 36 tons at most. The 4-axle truck can meet most transportation conditions without overloading. Considering that sometimes some cars with heavy self-weight may be transported, such as medium and high-end sedans, medium and large SUVs, etc., these cars are heavy, and it is more secure to choose a 5-axle vehicle. There is also more choice for returning goods.

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The main loading part , or front carrier as called , is mainly composed of 4 columns and two upper and lower loading platforms. The upper platform is supported and lifted by 4 uprights. The small section of the loading platform on the roof can be flipped independently, which is convenient for vehicle maintenance and flipping the cab. It is mainly supported by two hydraulic cylinders to rotate around the two front columns. In order to protect the safety of the upper-level personnel, there are protective nets on the left and right sides to protect the safety. 

There are hydraulic cylinders in the 4 uprights, and the loading platform can be raised or lowered by their lifting. A hole is reserved on the column to insert the metal rod, which is just blocked below to avoid the accidental pressure release of the hydraulic cylinder and the accident of the platform falling. The rear platform has a cantilevered part, and it is unsafe to rely on the two hydraulic cylinders of the column alone to support the shaking. 

The flexibility of the central axle train lies in the fact that the main car can carry several cars for distribution without a trailer, which requires the main car itself to be able to load and unload the car. Most of the front of the lower loading platform of the main vehicle is fixed, but the rear ladder is movable. Vehicles that can be loaded and unloaded after being lowered. The rear overhang of the main car of the center-axle car carrier is particularly short, and the design purpose is also to allow the climbing ladder to have room for movement.

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