What is the difference between light duty trailer and common trailers


What is the difference between light weight trailer and common trailers ?


Compared with the common semi-trailer, the lightweight semi-trailer has a great change in weight. Its weight is very light, but its bearing capacity has not changed on the original basis, so that it can better bear the weight. The lightweight trailer uses high-strength steel to reduce its own weight. Compared with ordinary trailers, high-strength steel trailers are lighter in weight. High-strength steel imported from Sweden is used to optimize the design of the semi-trailer. Without changing the loading capacity of the semi-trailer, the weight of the semi-trailer is reduced by more than 1 ~ 3 tons. , which can effectively improve the use efficiency of the vehicle.

Big rig blue American classic bonnet long hauler semi truck with flat bed semi trailer moving on highway exit wet raining road with rain dust blurry haze going to warehouse for loading
Side view of red big rig long haul semi truck transporting fixed with slings truss commercial cargo on flat bed semi trailer running on the turning overpass highway in urban modern city of Portland

Lightweight trailers achieve lightweight from the following aspects:

- Decrease steel sheet thickness. This can be done with high-grade steel. High standard steel, high strength, good toughness and fatigue resistance.

- Reduce rear axle weight. The axle and suspension are now close to two tons, and only light axles, disc brakes, 4 leaf springs, new lifting lugs, tubeless tires, or single tires, etc. are all effective methods.

- Change suspension. Airbag suspension can be used, which can absorb more impact.

- Reduce the weight of attachments. Reduce the weight of bumpers, side guards, mesh spare tire racks, tool boxes, tarpaulin racks, etc.

- There is also a suspension rear axle, which can be lifted when not in use.

light weight trailer with same payload loading capacity cargo

The transportation efficiency of lightweight trailers can be increased by 30-50%, the cost can be reduced by 30-40%, and the fuel consumption can be reduced by 20-30%. More importantly, lightweight trailers can also promote the organizational form of country's logistics to a certain extent, and provide better help for the sustainable development of the economy.

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