Wind Turbine Blade Transportation in Mountain Roads

Wind turbine electricity generator equipment mainly includes blades, nacelles, hubs and towers, each of which is an out-of-gauge item for ordinary road transportation and needs to be transported by professional vehicles.

The special blade transporter with blade lift-rotation-hydraulic steering (lifter for short) is a vehicle specially designed for the complex road transportation of wind turbine blades. Because the blades can be lifted by hydraulic control during driving and rotated 360 degrees themselves , avoiding various constraints during transportation (mountain slopes, trees, houses, bridges, tunnels, etc.) and reduce the sweeping area of the blade, in such way , it helps project greatly reduce the amount of road reconstruction works, shorten the road reconstruction period, and meet the requirements of insufficient turning radius. Such vehicle can avoid obstacles like mountains and cliffs, high buildings, telephone poles, and house demolition , what’ more , it can also greatly reduce the overall length of the blade transport vehicle, thus the are being popularized and widely used for transporting the blades .

Especially in mountain wind farms, due to the limitation of road transfer radius, it is basically the only transportation option at present. In many wind farms, flatbed semi-trailers are used to transport the blades from the blade factory to a certain position away from the wind farm in the high-speed section first, and then the blade lift transfer vehicle is transferred to the machine position.

Each Wind-Turbine-Blade-Trailer is designed to transport the blade specifically according to the local road situation , laws and regulation , and according to the blade specs . Our engineers are well trained and professional to issue the design for the trailer . Please contact us for more information . We will guarantee your trailer quality to make good transportation , as well as the training and after-sales service .  

wind blade on mountain road
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360 rotation wind blade trailer
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wind blade assembling
wind turbine blade

Post time: Mar-29-2022

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