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Ocean delivery --Our One-stop service

Various Trucks on Board to Overseas

Oriental Vehicles International Co.,Limited has been keeping good connection with every shipping line company due to years exporting business .

We offer one-stop service style to our clients .

For the ocean freight , we can help our clients save their cost at the lowest . Since we operate successfully all kinds of international trade terms , such as FOB , CIF , EX-WORK , DDU , DDP . We provide complete service for the logistics , because we have our own ware house in the port or we have long-term cooperated ware house , and we will give double-check on the trucks ,machines , or trailers for our clients before delivery . Not only we provide consolidation services , but also upon arrival to the destination ports our agents will arrange prompt de-consolidation in order that customs clearance and delivery can be expedited.

Besides, for the air-cargo delivery , we have also sighed up long-term agreements with various airliners, capable of handing flight booking from Beijing , Tianjin airports to dozens of overseas airports. Our airfreight department operator cooperated with expert customs broker and agents, providing series of services like effective picking up, customs clearance , delivery, etc. to ensure customers could get their cargo on due time.

We also do rail-way delivery for the countries surrounding China . Such as Russia ,Kazakhstan ,Turkmenistan ,Kyrgyzstan , etc.

trucks at port and being delivery in the vessel (5)
Trucks in ship and inside of the veseel (4)
Trucks in cargo ship
trucks at port and being delivery in the vessel (6)
trucks at port and being delivery in the vessel (1)
Trucks in ship and inside of the veseel (10)
trucks at port and being delivery in the vessel (2)
Trucks in ship and inside of the veseel (9)
Whole set solutions delivered for the project  (4)

Products & services


■ Container and special container service

■ Break Bulk & Ro/Ro shipment service (Vessel chartering)

■ Project logistics service

■ Border Delivery Service

■ Road transportation

■ Warehousing and distribution service

■ Air freight service

■ Customs clearance and insurance service

Container Service

We has established long term cooperation with main shipping lines.

■ Acting as the booking agent For Maersk, COSCO. EMC, YML, TSL, CMA, WANHAI, SITC etc.

■ Gaining the First -Tier rates with above mentioned carriers.

■ Guaranteeing the space in peak season.

■ Advantage Routes: South-East Asia, Africa, Middle East, South America and Europe lines.

Special Container Service

■ Establishing steady cooperation with Maersk .COSCO , CMA, SITC, etc.

■ Specializing in handling engineering plants, vehicles , construction machinery and yachts.

■ Advantage Routes: South-East Asia, Africa, Middle East and South America lines.

■ Providing one-stop service including: Transportation Proposal Design - Pre-stowage - Cargo Packaging - Cargo Picking - Land Transportation Crating and Lashing - Custom Clearance and Inspection Application - Loading and lifting to discharging at the destination port.


Break Bulk & RORO shipment service

We're expert in handling:

■ Vehicle logistics

■ Various steel products

■ Construction machinery& equipment

Out of gauge cargo/Oversized cargo


Break Bulk & RORO shipment service

Some of the highlights of our Project Management Services are:

■ Feasibility studies

■ Route surveys and site inspections

■ Cost and budget development

■ Cargo supervision at loading and unloading points

■ Inland services including heavy haul, rail and barge movements

■ Purchase order management and cargo tracking

■ Insurance arrangements

■ Storage arrangements for short and long term

■ Bonded facility and Inventory Management

■ Heavy Lift Operations at Port and Transportation

■ Preservation Management of Equipment


Break Bulk & RORO shipment service

Oriental Vehicles International Co.,Limited has professional and skilled agents / partners with rich experience at frontier Erenhot, Khorgos, Ruili, Suifenhe, Mohan, Pingxiang etc. We are familiar with exportation of various vehicles and can provide storage, tally, insurance, customs clearance, commodity inspection and port delivery service.


Air freight service

Providing customers with the following air transportation services:

■ Door-to-door transportation services across the world

■ Transportation service with special airplane of heavy and ultra-large goods

■ Packing instruction or repacking service

■ Air transportation consultation service


Railway transportation service

road (3)
road (1)
road (2)

The highlights of our Surface Transport Services are:

■ Professional team with several years of experience

■ Serving deliveries on full truck loads across mainland China

■ Adept at handling varied types of cargo including general merchandise, building materials,, heavy lift and project cargo

■ Door to door solutions

■ Custom clearance at both sides.

■ Fast paperwork processing and accurate product name declaration

■ Free of charge at port for 5 days Min. ( Negotiated )

■ Guarantee the cargo in good and sound condition to the destination port .

■ Deal with complains in fast and efficient way , in case of any damage happened .

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